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NRJ Values Statement

All activism begins with Indigenous solidarity

We must be prioritizing issues faced by Indigenous people in all our work, as the historical and still ongoing colonization of the region is foundational to the oppressive settler state of Canada from which all injustices unfold. Solidarity with Indigenous resistance and decolonization is central to NRJ’s — and all — reproductive justice work.

Sex work is real work

NRJ calls for the full decriminalization of sex work as well as rights, safety, and respect for all sex workers. All types of labour under capitalism, including sex work, is the selling of one’s skills, knowledge and body. The reproductive justice movement has always relied on sex worker leadership and NRJ is committed to supporting sex workers as we all fight for bodily autonomy from the state.

Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter

Black people, especially Black trans women, face high rates of violence, discrimination, poverty, and experience additional obstacles to accessing sexual health services in Canada. The reproductive justice movement was started by Black women to address the ways that racism, transphobia, and state violence function to deny people access to essential health services. NRJ seeks to uphold the anti-racist and revolutionary values of the original founders of the movement.

We believe that pro-choice is not enough

In alignment with the Reproductive Justice core principles established by the founders of the movement, we must also ensure that, as well as having access to abortion, everyone has the right to have children under the conditions they want to have them and raise them in a safe and healthy environment. This means that reproductive justice is deeply connected to other forms of justice, including decolonization, racial justice, prison and police abolition, immigrant justice, environmental justice, economic justice, disability justice, among many others.

We believe in a world where all people have control over their own bodies

This includes the ability to self-prescribe abortion, estrogen, testosterone, and birth control and access these resources for free.

We do not believe in gender policing

This includes any form of transmedicalism, trans-exclusionary radical feminism, or transphobia. “Biological” sex and gender are both social constructs that should be abolished.

We strive to make our organization, events, and campaigns as accessible as possible

The anti-choice movement has a long history of tokenizing and perpetuating harm against disabled people. It is our job to combat those narratives in all of our work.

We believe in a harm reduction approach to substance use

We therefore strive to make our organization, events, and campaigns accessible and safe for people who use substances.

NRJ is a collective of people

As such we are invested in a culture of calling one another in and self education. We simultaneously hold space for the practices of calling out, which has a long history intertwined with creating community safety practices and cultures of accountability.

We support the safety and voices of survivors of violence

This includes, but is not limited to, intimate partner violence, gender based violence, and state violence.

We are an Action Group of OPIRG Brock

As such, we follow OPIRG Brock’s Safer Space Policy and procedures in the case of violations of the Safer Space Policy by any members or volunteers. You can access OPIRG Brock’s Safer Space Policy here. For more important policy documents, visit OPIRG Brock’s website at www.opirgbrock.com/important-documents.

As an addition to this policy, NRJ does not engage in debates via social media. Harmful comments on our posts will be deleted and the person will be sent a private message informing them of our policy and directing them to additional resources. Should the person continue to post potentially harmful comments, they will be blocked from our account.

Other Niagara Organizations

Online & National Organizations

Articles & Resources

If you wish to report anti-choice activity in the Niagara Region, please use this form.

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