NRJ is a group of community members in the Niagara Region of Ontario advocating for increased visibility of and access to sexual health resources in Niagara. We are an action group of OPIRG Brock, a social, economic, and environmental justice organization based in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Take our Abortion in Niagara Survey!

Have you had an abortion in the Niagara Region? We want to hear from you! NRJ is collecting data to help make abortion more accessible in the region. The survey asks 40 questions related to your experiences around abortion and all responses are anonymous unless you choose to disclose your information. Click here.

Share Your Reproductive Healthcare Experience

NRJ wants to hear about your experiences with doctors, clinics, pharmacies, and other services in the region and nearby regions. By gathering this information, we will be better able to direct people to affirming, accessible healthcare and steer them away from questionable and harmful doctors and services. Your identity will remain anonymous unless you choose to disclose identifying information about yourself. Click here.

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