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Monitoring Anti-Choicers

NRJ has created a list of all of the known anti-choice (anti-abortion) organizations and agencies in and around Niagara, as well as some useful pro-choice guides and resources.
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Anti-Choice Organizations in Niagara

Please note that this page makes reference to organizations whose activities and websites may be triggering for some, and we encourage folks to use caution if doing further research on your own.

Need non-judgmental and choice affirming resources?

See any anti-choice activity?

Report it to us!

If you wish to report anti-abortion activity currently happening in the Niagara Region, something that happened recently, or that you know is upcoming, please fill out our form:

Billboard or radio ad?

Consider filing a complaint to the advertiser or ad standards. We created a how-to guide for filing complaints!

Anti-Choice Activity Map

Data from community members using our reporting form!

Zoom in and click on the purple and black icons to read more about the location, date, and activity that was spotted.

Safety Guides

Postering safety – PDF

Niagara Reproductive Justice is not responsible for the actions of individuals.

NRJ's Rapid Response Network

The Rapid Response Network is a network of community members mobilizing in real time against the anti-abortion activity in the Niagara Region.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please email Being involved with the RRN does not require you to counterprotest or interact with anti-choicers if you don’t want to.

it's okay to get an abortion
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