NRJ is a group of community members in the Niagara Region of Ontario advocating for increased visibility of and access to sexual health resources in Niagara. We are an action group of OPIRG Brock, a social, economic, and environmental justice organization based in St. Catharines, Ontario. 

Reproductive justice is a concept created by a coalition of 12 Black women in the U.S. during the 1990s. It has three core tenants:

  • The right to have an abortion
  • The right to have children under the conditions you want to have them 
  • The right to raise your children in a safe and healthy environment

For more information about reproductive justice, please visit SisterSong’s website.

NRJ began in summer 2019 to address the growing anti-choice movement in Niagara. In 2019-2020, we held monthly team meetings as well as monthly craftivism meetups where we made pillow case pro-choice signs and other crafts. We ran three social media campaigns as part of our “Actually Accurate Information” series. The first campaign focused on Debunking Crisis Pregnancy Centres, the second was the Truth About Abortion in Canada that addressed and debunked the main talking points of anti-choicers, and the third campaign offered a list of Free & Low-cost Sexual Health Resources in Niagara. Each of these campaigns were turned into small booklets available to download from the Materials & FAQs page of the website. 

As of summer 2020, we have been focused on creating easily shareable education resources. We received a grant from ARCC’s Small Grant program to cover the printing costs for 100 of each booklet and will distribute them to local organizations in Niagara and at Brock University when it reopens. Our goal is to influence the narrative around abortion in Niagara to be one that is non-judgemental, supportive, and justice-focused. We also want to make it easier to access local sexual health services, such as abortion.

We are looking for new volunteers! If you’re interested in joining us, or if you have a skill or idea you think could be put to use, let us know by emailing niagarareproductivejustice@gmail.com or DM-ing our Facebook Page or Instagram!

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