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collage with butterflies that says reproductive justice dreams


Filing Complaints Guide (Billboards & Radio Ads)

screenshot of first page of postering safety guide

Postering Safety Guide

Wheatpaste Recipe (for postering)

Counterprotesting in Niagara 101 Emotional Health and Safety Guide


These posters are for personal use only. Niagara Reproductive Justice is not responsible for posters affixed to public or private structures.

Floral Collage Poster

It's Okay to Get an Abortion (half sheet)

Sugar, Spice, and Reproductive Rights

Report Anti-Choice Activity (half sheet)

Abortion Info Flyer - English
Abortion Info Flyer - Spanish
Abortion Info Flyer - French
Abortion Info Flyer - Chinese


Fake Clinics: Crisis Pregnancy Centres in Niagara

Spotlight: Fake Clinic "Clarity Pregnancy Options"

  1. Download them as PDFs
  2. Print double sided, flipping on the short edge
  3. Place them together in order and fold them in half.
  4. If printing quarter-sized: cut the paper in half to separate the two zines
  5. Trim down the edges.
  6. Open them up and lay them flat to staple the binding.


Blank button template

NRJ Button Sheets

2 pro-choice buttons

Individual Button Designs

How to Make Buttons

Don’t have access to a button maker? Email us if you are interested in ordering buttons at!

DIY Guides and Inspiration

How to Make a Mini Zine

Zine Prompts

How to Make Buttons

Button & Poster Prompts

Translated Brochures

English - Abortion & Reproductive Support Network
Spanish - Abortion & Reproductive Support Network
French - Abortion & Reproductive Support Network
Chinese - Abortion & Reproductive Support Network

Reproductive Justice Valentines 2024

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