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Reproductive Justice Resources

This page has resource recommendations for self-education about reproductive justice and other topics that align with NRJ’s values. 

We also have a list of other great organizations to check out!

Looking for Sexual & Reproductive Health Resources in Niagara?

Top Resource Recommendations

See a book on here you’d like to read? Reach out to NRJ to see if we have it in our lending library!

Becoming Kin by Patty Krawec (local author!)

Coming Out Like a Porn Star by Jiz Lee (Ed)

Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Marie Brown

We Will Not Cancel Us: And Other Dreams of Transformative Justice by Adrienne Marie Brown

Abortion to Abolition: Reproductive Health and Justice in Canada by Martha Paynter

The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King

An Abolitionist’s Handbook by Patrisse Khan-Cullors

Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex by Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith (Eds)

Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon

The Future is Disabled by Leah Lakshmi Peipzna-Samarasinha

Medicine for the Resistance | Patty Krawec and Kerry Goring – local!

One Dish One Mic | Sean Vanderklis and Karl Dockstader – local!

Black Feminist Rants | LaKia Williams

The Birth Talks | Mai Ngo & Trish Frempong

The Sex Agenda Podcast | Decolonizing Contraception

Rethinking Reproductive Health | Mychal Shifrah & Sarah Ferguson

The Disorientation Guide to Niagara | OPIRG Brock – local!

The Coming Out Monologues | OPIRG Brock –  local!

Accomplices not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex, An Indigenous Perspective | Indigenous Action Media

Violence on the Land, Violence on Our Bodies: Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence | Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Dope Guide | Stella (order for free on!)

Safer Sex Guide | CATIE (order for free on!)

Safer Snorting | CATIE (order for free on!)

Sharp Shooters: Harm Reduction Info for Safer Injection Drug Use | CATIE (order for free on!)

What Works: What you need to know if you have HIV and inject drugs | CATIE (order for free on!)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s RealTalk: Provider Toolkit | Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Violence on Our Land, Violence on our Bodies Report & Toolkit | Native Youth Sexual Health Network

We also have guides, zines, and other materials made by our members!

Have a suggestion for a resource? Let us know!