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Post-Abortion Information for Clients

At Niagara Reproductive Justice, we believe that it's okay to get an abortion. Abortion is a normal and safe healthcare procedure that has been practiced for all of human history. However, there is no right or wrong way to feel after having an abortion. Your feelings about your abortion may change over time. However you feel is normal and okay. Below you will find pro-choice resources to help you through your post-abortion experience.


Please use this webpage to find more information about post-abortion support and other information that may be useful to you. 

If you have any questions or concerns or want to get in touch with a Niagara Reproductive Justice volunteer, you can email us anytime at 

We encourage you to take our Client Feedback Survey to let us know about your experience working with Niagara Reproductive Justice. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete. We value all feedback and take your thoughts and experiences seriously. 

Post Abortion Emotional Support

Request a free Care Kit from NRJ

Use this form to request a Post-Abortion Care Kit from Niagara Reproductive Justice, free of charge and delivered to you. Please note, at this time we are only able to provide our kits to clients who live in Niagara. If you live outside Niagara, we may be able to connect you to another organization that provides similar kits for free.

Exhale Talkline


Contact (text): 1 (617) 749-2948 


Hours (EST): Weekdays 6pm – midnight; Saturday 4pm – midnight; Sunday 6pm – 10pm.


A U.S.-based organization that provides emotional support, resources and information via text to anyone who has experienced an abortion or knows someone who has. Services available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Connect & Breath Talkline

Connect & Breathe

Contact:  1 (866) 647-1764


Hours (EST): Mondays 7pm – 10pm; Tuesdays 6pm – 9 pm; Wednesdays 6pm – 9 pm; Thursdays 6pm – 9 pm; Saturdays 10am – 2 pm.

SHORE Centre

SHORE Centre

Contact: (519) 743-9360;


If the abortion happened in the last two years, you can call, email, or set up virtual counseling appointments with SHORE Centre Kitchener-Waterloo through their website:

All Options Talkline

All-Options Talk Line

Contact: 1-888-493-0092


Hours (EST): Monday – Friday 10-1am, Saturday – Sunday 10-6pm EST 


Toll free talkline. Peer-based counseling and support for pregnancy and pregnancy decision-making, parenting, abortion, adoption, infertility or pregnancy loss. Accessible in Canada – may be asked to leave a message if someone isn’t available.

Abortion Support Facebook Group

Abortion Support Group for Heart Healing


Facebook group founded by two therapists to support people at any stage of an abortion journey. If considering joining, please read through the group description and rules. For your privacy, only group members can see the member list but you can consider creating an alternate account to join.


Note: This group is working on inclusivity but members sometimes use gendered language.

Self-Guided Abortion Support Tools

ARCC Info for Pregnant Queer & Trans People

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada – Information for Pregnant Queer and Trans People


Downloadable and printable brochures with helpful info, considerations, affirmations and resources for pregnant 2SLGBTQIA+, transgender, and non-binary people. 

Abortion Affirmation Cards

Abortion Affirmation Cards


Created by Stacie Balkaran based on affirmations shared that helped folks through their abortions.


Abortion Affirmation Cards (downloadable poster formats)


Abortion Affirmation Cards (post with individual cards)

Abortion Intentions Care Plan

Abortion Intentions Care Plan – The Abortion Project


A guide to help you set intentions for yourself before, during, and after a medical/medication abortion

Abortion Resolution Workbook

Abortion Resolution Workbook


A guide to explore emotional and spiritual healing.

DIY Doula Zine

DIY Doula Zine – The Doula Project


Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion. More info:

Self-Care After an Abortion - Exhale

Ideas for Self-Care after an abortion – Exhale


Self-care ideas for after your abortion, compiled by Exhale.

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