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Have you had a good or bad experience with an OB GYN or pharmacist?

Was a clinic able to help you access the resources you needed?

Did you access abortion while living in Niagara?

NRJ wants to hear about your experiences with doctors, clinics, pharmacies, accessing abortion, and other services in Niagara and nearby regions. We are collecting this information so we can better direct people to affirming, accessible healthcare and steer them away from questionable and harmful doctors and services. We also want to understand gaps in access to abortion.

Your identity will remain anonymous unless you choose to disclose identifying information about yourself. All questions are optional. See our Privacy Policy for more information about how we collect and store data.

NRJ's Community Knowledge Sharing Tools:

For experiences with doctors, clinics, pharmacies, etc:

We want to hear about both positive and negative experiences!

For experiences with accessing abortion:

This includes if you had to travel outside of the region for abortion access, if you lived in Niagara at the time we want to hear from you!

See any anti-choice activity in Niagara?

This includes anti-abortion protestors, billboards, flyers, radio ads, etc.

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