Rapid Response Network

NRJ’s Rapid Response Network is a network of people mobilizing to respond to the anti-choice activity in the Niagara Region.

Please review all of the information linked on this page before engaging in the Rapid Response Network.

When you see or hear about anti-choice protesters or someone receiving anti-choice material in their mailbox, message the RRN Facebook group chat with the details. If you are messaging about current anti-choice protesters, let us know whether or not you are available to counterprotest. Counterprotesters will gather materials from the nearest Materials Hub (which is a network member who can distribute booklets and signs) and then counterprotest near the anti-choicers.

It is normal to feel a range of emotions after counterprotesting and it is important to have someone to debrief with. Message the Facebook group chat if you would like to talk to someone (by phone call or text) about your experience and any emotions you are feeling. Please also be sure to fill out the Counterprotesting Debriefing Form linked below once you feel able, or a Debriefer can do it for you over the phone. This information will help us better prepare for next time.

There are four roles within the Rapid Response Network, and each member can hold multiple roles. They are:

  • Mobilizer
    • Messages the group when they see or hear about anti-choice activity in the region, such as protesters or people receiving anti-choice leaflets in their mailboxes. This does not include billboards because there’s not much we can do about those right now.
  • Counterprotester
    • When able, respond to messages about anti-choice protesters by gathering materials and counterprotesting near the protesters (ideally with another RRN member). Please see the Counterprotesting in Niagara 101 & Emotional Health and Safety Guide below for more counterprotesting information.
  • Materials Hub
    • We’re looking for a few people across Niagara to volunteer to be material hubs, where people can pick up counterprotesting materials from you when they have run out of materials. Materials would include pamphlets, pillowcase protest signs, and possibly some cardboard signs. NRJ would provide these to you and then you would provide your address when somebody indicates that they will be counterprotesting in your region and needs materials.
  • Debriefer
    • When able, respond to messages from people who have returned from counterprotesting and are looking to debrief. Counterprotesting can invoke a range of emotions and it is important to provide people with a space to express those emotions through a phone call or texting.

Please only use the Facebook group chat to notify of anti-choice activity and coordinate a response. Please do not give the URL of this webpage to people who are not approved members of the Rapid Response Network.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the Rapid Response Network, or want to update or remove your information on the RRN spreadsheet, please email NRJ at niagarareproductivejustice@gmail.com.


Please download and review the guide and let us know if you have any questions.

Rapid Response Network Google Sheet, includes members, roles, record of experiences. To add, update, or remove information pertaining to you, email niagarareproductivejustice@gmail.com

Anti-Choice Activity in Niagara Reporting Form. Please fill this out every time you see anti-choicers, as well as notifying the group. Please also send this form to your friends when they spot anti-choicers and wish to report it.

Counterprotesting Debriefing Form. Please fill this out each time you counterprotest. If it’s easier, you can also ask to have a phone call with someone from the Rapid Response Network who can do it for you over the phone.

Safer Space Policy (from OPIRG Brock). All members must abide by this policy at all times.

NRJ Values. All members must uphold these values.

Abortion in Canada FAQ. If you’re new to reproductive justice or need to brush up on your knowledge about abortion in Canada, it’s recommended that you do so before going to counterprotest in case you find yourself needing to counter misinformation being said by the anti-choicers. The FAQ page of our website has a lot of the information you’ll need.

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