Niagara Reproductive Justice

Webinar: How to Access Abortion in Niagara

Interested in protecting abortion rights in Niagara? Frustrated by the misinformation being spread about abortion by fake clinics, anti-abortion organizations, leaflets, and billboards in Niagara? One of the best ways to counter this misinformation and protect abortion access is to learn how to access abortion in Niagara! All are welcome to attend this 60-minute webinar by Niagara Reproductive Justice that will discuss abortion access and barriers to access in Niagara. At the end of the webinar, you will know the steps to take to access abortion and will be able to pass on this information to others who might need it, so that everyone will be able to receive the healthcare they need. 


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People of all genders, regardless of their ability to get pregnant, are encouraged to attend this webinar. 


Accessibility information:

  • This event is virtual and will be presented over zoom in “webinar” style, meaning that participants will not be able to see or interact directly with one another. 
  • Participants will be able to enable AI-generated closed-captioning.
  • This event will not be recorded.
  • If you can’t make this event, we have 3 other similar events in the works. Keep an eye out on our Eventbrite and social media pages!

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