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If you would like to donate to NRJ, please send an e-transfer to You are welcome to provide a general donation, or if you would like, you can choose to donate to one of the specific projects listed below. To do so, please put the name of the project in the message box of the e-transfer and we’ll make sure the funds are used for that purpose! If you would like to donate offline, please contact us to discuss more.

When you e-transfer NRJ, the account shows up under the name of one of our team members. This is because we are not a registered nonprofit. If you prefer to donate to NRJ directly through OPIRG Brock, which is a registered nonprofit, you may e-transfer with the purpose of your donation in the message section (make sure you include “NRJ” somewhere in the message!)

We also have a GoFundMe campaign here.

Projects in Need of Funds

Materials Distribution – Help us cover the printing costs of our informational zines and fliers. Our zines debunk common anti-abortion myths, provide information on how to access low-cost and free sexual and reproductive health services in Niagara, and we have an entire zine devoted to exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres and their dangerous anti-abortion tactics. The more we can print, the more we can distribute!

Abortion Support Services –  Help us provide financial support to folks who need help covering the cost of abortion, including transportation, childcare expenses, medication and supplies, lost wages, aftercare support, and support from local abortion doulas.

We appreciate donations of any amount and give our assurance that all donations will be used to promote and encourage reproductive justice in the Niagara Region.


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Instagram: (Handle: @NiagaraReprodutiveJustice)

If you wish to report anti-choice activity in the Niagara Region, please use this form.